5 Ways Lab Technology Will
Change in the Next 5 Years

As innovation continues to happen in the lab, we believe more than ever before, technology — and not just lab instrumentation — will play an increasingly important role as labs strive to get better at what they do, and stay competitive for the sake of the patient and the healthcare industry as a whole. So what kinds of changes do we see happening in the next 5 years?

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  • Cloud-based systems will replace installed software
  • Labs will need superior flexibility with reporting
  • All lab systems will integrate
  • Labs will be able to adapt to any type of testing
  • Security and protection will become increasingly important

Pathagility focuses on 3 areas to ensure success at your lab:

Innovative labs are committed to leveraging new technology to help their teams work smarter, faster, and communicate better — both for the benefit of the lab, as well as the patient experience. Pathagility does this by ensuring:


Faster from day one. Pathagility provides complete visibility and improves efficiency by helping to manage workflows through a simple and easy-to-use interface.


Work with confidence. Pathagility is 100 percent HIPAA-compliant with 128-bit encryption that offers continuous backup, 24/7 monitoring, and guaranteed uptime.


Experience true agility. Pathagility interprets data from existing EMRs, LIMS, billing systems, lab instruments, and middleware systems; and reports through multiple channels.