Built for the Lab of Today

Not just a platform, but a true partnership. Pathagility is a customizable laboratory reporting solution built to adapt across any type of test, device or laboratory. The platform has the flexibility to serve as the LIMS or Interpretive Reporting Software - or both. See what Pathagility can do for your innovative lab.  

Download the overview and learn how Pathagility can partner with your lab: 

  • Full Assessment
  • System Integration
  • Fully-Integrated Training
  • Continued Support

Pathagility focuses on 3 areas to ensure success at your lab:

Innovative labs are committed to leveraging new technology to help their teams work smarter, faster, and communicate better — both for the benefit of the lab, as well as the patient experience. Pathagility does this by ensuring:


Faster from day one. Pathagility provides complete visibility and improves efficiency by helping to manage workflows through a simple and easy-to-use interface.


Work with confidence. Pathagility is 100 percent HIPAA-compliant with 128-bit encryption that offers continuous backup, 24/7 monitoring, and guaranteed uptime.


Experience true agility. Pathagility interprets data from existing EMRs, LIMS, billing systems, lab instruments, and middleware systems; and reports through multiple channels.